Friday, August 9, 2013

New 'Do!

It's officially been a week since I chopped my hair off. I must say, it feels good.
I was a in a little bit in shock day 2 and 3, but I think I've got a hang of it now.
I love it, however it takes as long, if not longer, to style as my hair did 6 inches ago!

Something that is fun about my new 'do is that I feel lighter! It's so healthy, and the color is softer so I feel like a new gal. We'll see if I let it grow or keep it this length!

The rest of my outfit... Check out my Stella&Dot Site for the Accessories!

(Pants: Gap (old); Shirt: H&M (old); Scarf: "Union Square in Midnight Blue" My Stella&Dot Site; Bracelet: "Luna Wrap" Stella&Dot Site, Gold Ring: "Gilded Arrow" My Stella&Dot Site; Necklace: "On The Mark" My Stella&Dot Site.)

Happy Friday! 
xo, Kara
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