Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Product Spotlight: Chemex Coffee Maker

I love coffee. Love it. I make it at home and buy it to treat myself a few times a week. I'm no coffee expert, but I know what I like. I've been seeing this type of coffee maker on the market for a while, and I knew they were big/normal in parts of Europe, so I decided to check it out for myself. I got this lovely one, made by Chemex.

This is the information provided by the company I purchased it from:

Get back to coffee-brewing basics with the Chemex classic, originally designed by a chemist and inventor and found in the collections of several major museums. Simple engineering in wood and glass (no corrosive elements) produces pure drip coffee with less bitterness—to the extent that the coffee can be refrigerated and reheated without sacrificing flavor. Polished wood color with insulating leather tie is removable for cleaning. May also be used for tea, iced coffee and 
beverage infusions.

So far I've tried it once (pictures below) and I know that it will get easier/smoother once I get the hang of it.
Isn't she pretty! I've decided it's a she by the way.

You start by boiling the amount of water you want to brew. The instructions said to bring the water to a boil and then let cool slightly so that it isn't boiling "vigorously." Then, slightly soak the coffee grounds and let drain. Then soak the grounds again, without overflowing the water.
(Grounds, pre-soak)

 The first slight soak... I see some coffee!

 Second round of soaking. I believe I soaked the grounds about 6 times for 7 cups of coffee.

(Grounds, soaking)

My perfect cup of coffee! (with a little steamed milk and foam. yum!)

I have to say, it was the best coffee I've ever had (that I've made)! Although it took a little while (about 20min start to finish) it was really smooth, and I'm looking forward to doing it again. I also am excited for the iced coffee potential for the summer!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pinterest Monday!

Here are my 5 favorite pins from the past week!

 1) I love the combo of denim and sequins. 

 2). This is what I want to wake up to every morning forever. It's perfection.

3) I love this menswear inspired look- preppy and feminine! 

 4) Pop of color. I love that the yellow is unexpected. It's super cheery, which every room needs!

5) Well, this is just true. :)

Happy pinning!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I love this...

I'm going to get serious here for a moment. There is so much chatter (for many years) regarding the image portrayed by fashion models, what that image does to the psyche of so many women, and the health of the models themselves. Thankfully, changes are coming for modeling standards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. (CFDA) CFDA president, and ever fabulous designer/inspiring woman, Diane Von Furstenberg

released the following statement:

“The CFDA remains deeply committed to our message of Health As Beauty and Diversity during Fashion Week and throughout the year. Fashion Week has become a powerful voice which reaches millions of people across the globe and we should not underestimate the consequences of the messages that we send.
We have received pledges from all the top modeling agencies – including DNA, Elite, Ford, IMG, Marilyn, New York, Next, One, Supreme, Trump, Wilhelmina, and Women – that they will not send out any models under the age of 16 for shows.
Our newly launched Ambassador Program will continue this season with veteran models from DNA, IMG, Marilyn, Next, and Women providing advice and support to up-and-coming models.
We each have the power to impact the lives of women. Together, we can let the world know that diversity and Health Is Beauty are what we stand for.”

Other new guidelines include:

• Educate the industry to identify the early warning signs in an individual at risk of developing an eating disorder.
• Encourage models who may have an eating disorder to seek professional help in order to continue modeling. And models who are receiving professional help for an eating disorder should not continue modeling without that professional’s approval.
• Develop workshops for the industry (including models and their families) on the nature of eating disorders, how they arise, how we identify and treat them, and complications if they are untreated.
• Support the well-being of younger individuals by not hiring models under the age of sixteen for runway shows; not allowing models under the age of eighteen to work past midnight at fittings or shoots; checking IDs to ensure that models are the appropriate age; providing regular breaks and rest. Consult the applicable labor laws found at www.labor.state.ny.us when working with models under sixteen.
• Supply healthy meals, snacks, and water backstage and at shoots and provide nutrition and fitness education.
• Promote a healthy backstage environment by raising the awareness of the impact of smoking and tobacco-related disease among women, ensuring a smoke-free environment, and address underage drinking by prohibiting alcohol.


I love that these changes are being made and hope that this makes a difference!


Friday, January 27, 2012

High Five Friday

I'm linking up with Lauren again! Here are my 5 favorite things from this week:

1) Getting some quality time with this gal! She loves any attention she can get!

 2) I got these Puma sneakers for less than $35. They were 40% off, PLUS I had a birthday discount that I applied to them. Also, they came in this half-box, half re-usable bag packaging. Smart! Yay for new work shoes!

3) I got crafty and made these headbands for my future niece, due in May! So cute! I used this tutorial and tweaked it a bit to my liking! I'm sure I'll make more.

4) I found a dangerous recipe for eggless cookie dough. I popped them in the freezer, and ate WAY too many of them this week. So. Dang. Tasty.

5) Finally, the items I ordered from Old Navy arrived 2 days early! I loved everything, and I have to return the hat because it's too big! (I'm so happy I don't have as big of a head as I thought!)

Remember, it's the little things! :)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I might have a problem...

I have been doing A LOT of shopping recently. I blame it on a number of factors:
1) I received a few gift cards for Christmas/ my Birthday which has sent me into a shopping whirlwind.
2) I'm temporarily working in a location much closer to my home, which means I have time to shop on my lunch break and after work. (danger.)
3) I've been getting "happy birthday month" promotions in my email from retailers, that tempts me into their stores/ to their websites!
Here's a few things that I picked up...

By far my favorite... from Nordstom. 7 For All Mankind green skinny jeans!

From Gap... I got for $7.99, with a gift card! (so free basically!)

Also from Gap... it's the perfect comfy sweater that can be dressed up or down.

 I got this scarf, but mine has a neon yellow/green trim instead of pink. Gap.
Also Gap. (I hit up Gap, Hard.)

Gap again. Classic striped sweater.

 Old Navy... I love that it's a lightweight fabric to take me into spring. (Arriving Saturday!)
Also Old Navy... I hope it fits. The only option was S/M or L. I have a weirdly big head so I went with L. Fingers crossed.

I've been anti-oxfords for a while, but I love these grey, laceless version from Old Navy. Plus, they were on sale for $27! (Also arriving on Saturday.)

My favorite thing about all of these new purchases is that every piece is versatile. I can only imagine all the combinations I will create! Pictures of me in the clothes/shoes soon!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest Monday!

Here are my favorite 5 "pins" from the week!

1) I absolutely adore this outfit. So chic, yet casual!

2) I've officially converted to gold jewelry in my life... I'm not sure if I could do gold flatware though. If I did, I would chose this set from West Elm. Gorgeous!

3) I've always been afraid of denim on denim. (denim suit anyone?) But this gal gets it done!

4) Of course, another corgi picture. Look at that face!

5) Finally... this picture inspires me to get back to painting. After all, it's what I love to do!

Happy Pinning everyone!

Friday, January 20, 2012

High Five Friday

It's Friday again...which means High Five Friday. I'm linking up with Lauren from www. frommygreydeskblog.com to reflect on the 5 highlights from my week! I'm a little late posting this today, it was quite the Friday at work! Here we go!...

1) The 49ers beat the Saints on Saturday. THEN the Giants beat the Packers, which meant not only were the 49ers playing in the NFC championship, but we have home field advantage!

2) I was finally healthy enough to celebrate my birthday with my family. We had a coffee and pie get together in our "comfies" with my mom's homemade dutch apple pie! (my request!) It was wonderful. Here is a pic of the apple pie to prove it!

3) I was hanging out at the boyfriend's and one of his cats let me do this to her: :)

4) Today I ordered these pants. I should get them next week! I've been eyeing them for quite some time now, and finally decided to get them (with the help of a gift card)! 

5) And finally, the sales lady that sold me the above jeans was amazing - she thought I was 3 sizes smaller than I actually am. Bless. Her. Heart. (or maybe that is her sales tactic? either way, it worked!) Made my day!

Remember, it's the small things folks! :)


Monday, January 16, 2012

Pinterest Monday!

It's Monday again! Here are my 5 favorite pins from the week! Remember to follow me at www.pinterest.com/kc_design

1) Love this whole look! I'm a stripe girl through and through!

2) Preview of the new Jason Wu for Target line coming 2/5!

3) This requires no commentary!

4) I'm a sucker for all white. so many people hate white walls, but sometimes it just works!

5) So cute. And we sure need the rain around here!


Friday, January 13, 2012

"High Five" Fridays

Every Friday I will post the "high five" or the five best things from my week. It's a time to reflect on the great things that have happened, and... well... focus on the positives! No matter how big or how small, it's always a good idea to take a moment to be grateful for good moments in life! Here's my "high five" for this week:

1) Birthday Daffodils! 
These are my favorite flowers, and my mom surprised me with a bouquet on my birthday!

2) New 'do!
It's amazing what a new cut and color can do for your confidence! (especially when you've been as sick as I have all week!)

3) A Birthday Gift from Anthropologie from my sister! 
She got me a super cute top that is unfortunately too small (thanks for thinking I was an XS sis!) and I have to exchange it. If they no longer have my size, I might have to get the jacket pictured below! (plus I got a birthday discount coupon from anthro this week too! yay!)
cute right!? See here: Ripstop Anorak

4) Felicity, the entire series, on Netflix.
This has honestly saved me this week. I've been so sick that all I can do is lay on the sofa or couch, ipad in hand, watching Felicity. I never watched it when it was originally on the air, so I've loved getting sucked into it now! Somehow she reminds me of my friend who lives in New York, which adds to the experience!

5) Parks and Recreation is back! New Episode!
My favorite show, hands down. Oh how I've miss it! Knope 2012!

Remember, it's the little things folks! :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Adventures in Hair Styles

As I said in my previous post, I was inspired to look through pictures of myself over the last 7 years to see how much my hair style/color has changed. I've been everything from short and blonde to long and brunette! It was fun to see! Check it out!:

I wore my hair mid-length and blonde for a number of years, then one day during my senior year of college I decided to drastically change to dark brown! Yikes! It was a major change but fun!
 Then I let it grow for about a year (at some point in the year I had a colorist make a terrible "mistake" by dying my hair BLACK, which thankfully I don't have any pictures of! That was my last visit to her!), and by November 2007 I lightened it up getting closer to a blonde shade.

Then in the winter of 2008, I chopped it all off! It was cute at the time, but I'm not sure I would go that short again. I kept it short and in some variety of brunette for a while.
 Then I cut it once more before a friends wedding to jump on the "somewhat A-line bob" trend that was happening. By winter 2008 I began growing it out, which of course meant I could curl it again!

I kept growing it out, and by spring of 2010 I was itching to be blonde again. It was a slow process to get back to a much lighter color. The picture above shows the first round of lightening.

By fall 2010 I was fully blonde, and then by winter 2011 I was seriously blllooonnndddeee. I realized I had gone a little too far!

So by fall 2011, I toned it down and since then I've been working with my stylist to get a soft version of an "ombre" effect. 

Fun to look back through the years! Who knows what I'll do next!


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