Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Product Spotlight: Chemex Coffee Maker

I love coffee. Love it. I make it at home and buy it to treat myself a few times a week. I'm no coffee expert, but I know what I like. I've been seeing this type of coffee maker on the market for a while, and I knew they were big/normal in parts of Europe, so I decided to check it out for myself. I got this lovely one, made by Chemex.

This is the information provided by the company I purchased it from:

Get back to coffee-brewing basics with the Chemex classic, originally designed by a chemist and inventor and found in the collections of several major museums. Simple engineering in wood and glass (no corrosive elements) produces pure drip coffee with less bitterness—to the extent that the coffee can be refrigerated and reheated without sacrificing flavor. Polished wood color with insulating leather tie is removable for cleaning. May also be used for tea, iced coffee and 
beverage infusions.

So far I've tried it once (pictures below) and I know that it will get easier/smoother once I get the hang of it.
Isn't she pretty! I've decided it's a she by the way.

You start by boiling the amount of water you want to brew. The instructions said to bring the water to a boil and then let cool slightly so that it isn't boiling "vigorously." Then, slightly soak the coffee grounds and let drain. Then soak the grounds again, without overflowing the water.
(Grounds, pre-soak)

 The first slight soak... I see some coffee!

 Second round of soaking. I believe I soaked the grounds about 6 times for 7 cups of coffee.

(Grounds, soaking)

My perfect cup of coffee! (with a little steamed milk and foam. yum!)

I have to say, it was the best coffee I've ever had (that I've made)! Although it took a little while (about 20min start to finish) it was really smooth, and I'm looking forward to doing it again. I also am excited for the iced coffee potential for the summer!

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