Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I might have a problem...

I have been doing A LOT of shopping recently. I blame it on a number of factors:
1) I received a few gift cards for Christmas/ my Birthday which has sent me into a shopping whirlwind.
2) I'm temporarily working in a location much closer to my home, which means I have time to shop on my lunch break and after work. (danger.)
3) I've been getting "happy birthday month" promotions in my email from retailers, that tempts me into their stores/ to their websites!
Here's a few things that I picked up...

By far my favorite... from Nordstom. 7 For All Mankind green skinny jeans!

From Gap... I got for $7.99, with a gift card! (so free basically!)

Also from Gap... it's the perfect comfy sweater that can be dressed up or down.

 I got this scarf, but mine has a neon yellow/green trim instead of pink. Gap.
Also Gap. (I hit up Gap, Hard.)

Gap again. Classic striped sweater.

 Old Navy... I love that it's a lightweight fabric to take me into spring. (Arriving Saturday!)
Also Old Navy... I hope it fits. The only option was S/M or L. I have a weirdly big head so I went with L. Fingers crossed.

I've been anti-oxfords for a while, but I love these grey, laceless version from Old Navy. Plus, they were on sale for $27! (Also arriving on Saturday.)

My favorite thing about all of these new purchases is that every piece is versatile. I can only imagine all the combinations I will create! Pictures of me in the clothes/shoes soon!



  1. I have a big head too! I love your style- you also got some good deals!! :)

    1. Thanks Brielle! I love a good deal! The Old Navy stuff came in the mail today (yay early!) and the hat is too big! I'm bummed, but sorta happy too that according to Old Navy I don't have a huge head! :)


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