Friday, February 3, 2012

High Five Friday

It's Friday! Time to link up with Lauren from for High Five Friday! It's my 5 favorite things from the past week!

1) I announced this blog to my facebook friends and family to a great response! Thanks everybody!

2) I got this fancy new blog layout to celebrate!

3) I spied these light manzanita in one of my favorite home catalogs - much like the ones I d.i.y.'ed!

4) I got to meet/hang out with this lovely lady. Meet Lola! Yay for puppy time!

5) I got both of these rings for less than $30! Hello Lovelies!

Remember, it's the little things!


  1. omg love love loving your rings!!!!!

    1. thanks! I got them at Francesca's Collections- brand new to my area so I was super happy to find discover it! I can't believe how reasonable their prices are! Have you ever been?


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