Saturday, February 25, 2012


Is there anything better than fresh flowers? 

It's amazing to me how quickly they can brighten up a space, or someone's day for that matter! One of the super fun (yep, I said super fun) parts of my job is that during the month of February I get to create $50 worth of floral arrangements for the weekends. The best part is that I get to do the arrangements on Fridays...what a wonderful way to end the week! I always say that I go to my "happy place" when I'm arranging flowers. I'm no expert, but I love to play.

I am slightly limited with my selection of flowers for 2 two reasons: First, I only have $50 to spend (which is a lot for flowers I understand, but I would LOVE to spend more!) and second, the only reasonably priced retailer in close proximity to my work is the local Trader Joe's grocery. I love TJ's, but their selection can be hit or miss.

This season, they have tended to have a good amount of Hydrangeas which is a "go-to" option for me... big bang for my buck, and most people love them. This week they had beautiful Calla Lilies, in white and green for only $3.49 per bunch. I scooped them up! Here are a few pictures I took yesterday...

Here's what I purchased

Here are some of the arrangements. 

This arrangement of Callas was hard to photograph. There isn't a good place to take pics at work, and this vase is 20" tall. I love the terrarium feel of the arrangement! I used a "frog" and hid it with river rocks. So pretty and artful.

For $50 I was able to make 6 arrangements. Not too shabby!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh and by the way... the weather is still nice enough that I was able to spend my morning blogging on my balcony with my coffee listening to a little Cee Lo and Jason Aldean. In my Pj's. My kind of morning! :)

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  1. just looking at the pretty flowers make me smile... i can imagine how it lights your face up smelling em too!!!

    loveeee that you had some fresh air blogging this morning... we were surrounded by butt-flippin cold weather and light snow :/


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