Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's hear it for the boys...

Recently, a male friend of mine suggested that I do a regular fashion post for men. I'm hoping these posts will range from my pinterest finds, to suggestions for styles, to photos of real life guys (as in non- catalogue photo shoot pics!) in real life outfits that work. I'm no men's fashion expert, nor do I pretend to be... but I know what I like on a guy and what styles work for certain people! Suggestions for future posts are welcome!

I'm starting this blog series with a pinterest themed post. Here are five looks that I love, head to toe for men that I've 'pinned'.

1) This is from j.crew (which you will find a lot from me, I have an addiction). I love the rugged quality of the jacket, but it's still modern enough to look tailored and clean. Classic, and manly.

2) I feel like polo shirts are always a 'do.'

3) A big (huge really) trend this season is "pops of color." This outfit from gap is just right for the guys. The yellow is bright but not neon. Safe, but still fun and unexpected.

 4) I'm very picky when it comes to the fit of jeans on a guy. I like a straight leg. Not skinny, not wide, not flared or boot cut. Just straight. Thank you.

5) I love the layers here. The sweater is really approaching the "grandpa" line which is what I adore about it. A well fitting pair of khakis never hurt either.

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