Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five Friday!

Linking up with Lauren at again to reflect on the 5 best things from my week!

1) I got to hang out with my favorite person. My nephew Evan! I was being a "silly tickle monster" and he played a game that involved "eating" feet. He thought it was hilarious... It was. 

2) I celebrated my first "gal-intines" day. If you've seen Parks & Rec you'll get the reference! Although I'm no Leslie Knope, I did make bracelets for a few of my Gals on February 13th.

3) My man bought me Lady and the Tramp on DVD for Valentines Day. We had been talking about the movie and how neither of us had seen it in a long time so he got it for me! So sweet! We're going to watch it this weekend...

4) Speaking of Valentine's Day... we are planning to go to dinner on Friday to celebrate, at our favorite sushi restaurant! Yum!

5) I got this outdoor high-dining set on floor sample yesterday for $244! It usually is $797 for the set. What a deal! I can't wait for summer!

Remember, it's the little things!



  1. 1) LOVE parks and rec! look at
    2.) gorgeous table set- what a deal!!!
    3.) your nephew is adorable!

    1. Oh wow... just went to It made my day. thank you SO much! :)

  2. Your nephew is so cute!

    Lady and the Tramp! I forgot it recently came out!

    So for valentine's day, I told hubby to pick between sushi and wings...of course he picked wings ha!

    Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Were the wings good at least?! :)

  3. I just saw a commerical for Lady and the Tramp the other day and thought how I hadn't seen it in so long!! I bet watching it again was so fun!

    1. I loved it! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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