Saturday, April 7, 2012

busy busy saturday!

It's almost Easter, and my entire day was dedicated to prep. I'm not hosting, but I was helping my mom get things ready (in exchange for doing my laundry at her house)!

Here is my day through photographs!...

First, I HAD to wear something comfy. I knew I would be running around and arranging flowers and moving furniture- no time for beauty!

My first stop was at Trader Joe's for flowers. Thankfully they bulked up on their stock, so I was able to get a bunch of pincushions and the prettiest orange/yellow tulips around. Score.

After I loaded my trunk with the flowers, I noticed the back of a road sign that looked super cool. I had to take a pic! Seriously, that is something I would hang in my house!

Anyway... my next stop was to Crate&Barrel for a few new vases, and new chairs for my mom's dining room. (shown below) 

I fit 3 in my car... 2 trips. Pretty easy.

 While I was running around, my mom offered to pick up lunch for me... I asked for a happy meal (don't judge) and this is the new size of french fries for the kiddos. I had to take a pic because it was SO funny. I mean really? Look at the size in relation to one nugget!! Ha! Serves me right I guess for eating terrible food! 

 Then the floral arranging got started. (the fun part) Tulips and pincushions yay! 

 Here was my trick for not having quite enough tulips for my last arrangement. Nothing a little tape can't fix! I added the leaves to the edges to make the arrangement look fuller. See below.

Tiny little mason jars to add to the buffet area tomorrow. Super easy, super cute.

Here is the final set table (yes a whole day early!) Can't wait for tomorrow's brunch!

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. i love the flowers! so gorgeous- i'll have to remember the tape trick :) Happy Easter!

    1. thank you lady! I use the tape trick ALL the time... saves money and my sanity! :) Hope you had a wonderful easter!

  2. you did a fantab job girlie! the dining room table looks super bright and festive for Easter today!

    You HAVE to do a post one day for a flower arrangement so we can get some tips from you! Tulips are simply bliss!!


    1. thanks lady! It was fun setting my mom's table and taking a bigger role in the "family" holiday festivities! I love the idea of a flower post... I'll totally work on that! Thanks for the inspiration!

      Hope you had a great Easter!

  3. Beautiful! And I agree - a post on flower arrangement would be great! My flowers always spread out in the vase (which is probably the wrong size/shape to begin with)... I love getting tips from people who know about design!


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