Monday, July 2, 2012

July Sponsor Swapping Now Available!

It's a new month! Where did June go!? 

Time to offer new spots for July sponsor swapping! 

What do you get when you sponsor swap with me?

1) A spotlight post with 2-3 other bloggers where you talk about you and your blog, 
and links to your social media profiles
2) Your button on my sidebar for at least a month
3) Great exposure for your blog!

Contact me directly or through this post if you're interested!

Happy July!

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  1. I want to re-design my blog, so that I have space for blog buttons... and then I'll sponsor swap with you!! Maybe next month?

    For now, I nominated you for a blog award - check out my post from today for more info if you want to play along! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! August sounds great... sorry for the delayed response! I'll check out your post today! :)


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