Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend update, Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I had what felt like a quick weekend... slept all night Friday from 7:30-8am, it was amazing. Seriously. Sounds lame, but it really was wonderful. I was lazy most of Saturday, and then Sunday was a quite a day! 
My guy and I took a last minute trip to Ikea because we stumbled upon an ad that the dresser we'd been thinking of buying was on sale through Sunday! $70 off! We HAD to go! We got up early, grabbed coffee, powered through Ikea (20min and a few "extra items"!) and off we went! We then decided to spend the rest of our morning shopping in a cute area of Berkeley, then came home to start building... 3 hours later, we had a new dresser and possibly a new appreciation for teamwork! I then made a fun piece of art with Ikea frames and cutout paper table runner paper for my kitchen.
How was your weekend?!

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  1. Love your new dresser! Got to love those Ikea sales :)


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