Monday, June 4, 2012

June Sponsor Spotlight #1

Hi everyone! I apologize for being slightly m.i.a. recently on my blog. Things are crazy right now. I promise to be more present! 

First things first, I want to introduce you to a few of my fabulous June Sponsors! Check these ladies out, follow their blogs, and tell them I sent you! Happy June!

First up is my "longtime blogging friend"Brielle!

Hi Styled With Life readers!! My name is Brielle and I blog over at Adventures of Law School.  As you can tell by the name, I am going to law school (just finished my first year yay!) and share my stories, adventures, and document the things I love on my blog!  I started blogging about the same time Kara did and couldn't be more excited to have the chance to be sponsored on Styled with Life! :) I love making new blog friends, so come on over and holler at me!

Next Up is these 3 Lovely Ladies:

Hey Yall! We are Maylon, Hailey, and Shian from Southern Flair. We're three best friends living our lives to the fullest in the sunny South. We are sophmores in high school (in 3 days, juniors!) and we are pretty new to the blogging world. Over at Southern Flair we blog about our shared love for fitness, fashion, and most importantly our Faith. We hope you will stop by and check us out. We love to hear from yall :)

And now for the fantastic Elizabeth:

Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I’m a 20-something recent college grad getting ready to start grad school. I love writing, trying new things and saving money (who doesn’t, right?) I’m obsessed with organizing, drinking coffee and listening to country music. I have a newfound love for the outdoors, old movies, crafting and cooking. I’m a yoga enthusiast and recently fell in love with Pilates!

About My Blog: After the summer of 2011 I found myself with an overwhelming number of credits to take my final year of college so I had to quit my job of 2+ years. Although I had spent my entire summer working and taking classes, I still found time to shop, vacation and spend way too much money. At the end of the summer I was hit with a wake up call -- despite all the hours I had put in at work, my bank account was devastatingly low. I realized I couldn't spend like I had been any longer.

Now I’m finding it more important than ever to save money. I thought that by starting my blog, I could share my tips and tricks I've developed and learned along the way to help others who were living on a budget, or just trying to save a buck or two here and there! I am by no means an expert (I'm in grad school studying Elementary Education), but I have developed and adapted a lot of tricks that work for me. Come visit me at 

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