Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My life through Instagram, part 3.

A while back I posted 5 instagram collages here and here in "My life through Instagram, part 1 and 2." I wanted to share pictures I have taken over the last year+ with instagram. It might be my favorite app! I love editing my pictures, sharing them with my friends, and seeing theirs. Here are 6 more collages of my instagram pics in "Part 3." More to come!

 1) a "self portrait" 2) My guy and me being silly at a party 3) My family's famous christmas treats in progress 4) Wrapping christmas gifts!

 1) A scarf I crocheted for my sister for christmas 2) Wrapping my friend Ali's birthday gift 3) A fun outfit I wore to an engagement party and then dinner after 4) a fantastic floor sample deal I got that I now used every day! Best purchase ever!

 1) The perfect New Year's Eve dinner 2) The result of my birthday 'do 3) Birthday daffodils 4) My guy's cat being very patient with me. 

 1) Some birthday shopping from Old Navy 2) My favorite desk chair 3) a little jewelry making 4) the view from my sofa 

 1) Me tickling my adorable nephew 2) the result of me getting suckered into buying girl scout cookies, 3) some arm candy 4) my crazy "manicure"

1) My favorite, worn in, boyfriend sweater 2) My perfectly imperfect top-knot bun 3) more arm candy 4) my favorite colored jeans.

Happy Mid Week everyone! Remember, as soon as I hit 100 followers I will do a giveaway! :) Just sayin....

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