Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh! How Pinteresting!

Another week of pins... another Wednesday linkup with The Vintage Apple for Oh! How Pinteresting!

I was in a very Pink mood this week, so here are some of my favorite pink themed pins!

 How fun would it be to have a pink umbrella!? It would definitely brighten up a gloomy day.

 I'd love to live here! 

 Could I pull off pink jeans?

 I have to try this at the next part I throw. Too cute!

 Someday when I have calling cards, I would love for them to have neon pink edges. So fun!


 Sweet little balcony. I could get very comfy here.

I have a very similar color on my toes right now, and it's super fun. Great with a tan!

Happy Pinning!

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  1. loving your pins girl! that flower setup is really pretty & love that nail polish! cute blog!

    happy wednesday
    xx, ashlyn

  2. I love all of this pink! There is something awesome about those pink shutters though, they're just mesmerizing!

    1. I know! I wish they were mine! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. loveeee pink and I'm in a pink modd all my life!!

    That pink door and shutters are to die for!! I'd kill for that look on my house, but I don't think my boo will vote it in :/


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